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philly_art's Journal

Philadelphia Art
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This is a community to display your art. Show pieces and announce shows in Phildelphia.
Before joining... please read the rules

This community is for people who are doing and showing art in Philadelphia. It can be your first piece or the crowning achievement of a wonderful career in art. Show your art, rate galleries, talk about what's going on and what opportunities there are for artists in the Philadelphia area. I would ideally like this to be a "go to" spot for Philadelphians to see all kinds of art going on in their city, maybe even bring in some sales for the participating artists.

Here are some rules that I've read and learned from some other sites:

1) Pictures larger than 800 pixels along the longest axis will be posted behind an lj-cut tag.

2) Images should be posted as 72 DPI.

3) When posting numerous images, please post 1 and the rest behind an lj-cut tag.

4) Pictures containing nudity should be posted behind an lj-cut tag. (Just for work and kids)

5) If you want to comment, please do. Most artists like to hear your thoughts about their work. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but don't bash.

6) Do not advertise other communities here.

Remember, most users who post here want to improve their work. Help them and they'll help you.

Have fun, this is a great way to meet with others and have your work seen.