NKStudio (ebullientbutter) wrote in philly_art,


I received an invite from a GALLERY IN LONDON via e-mail asking me to participate in an INTERNATIONAL GROUP SHOW. They talked about organizing PR, marketing, special staff, sales, etc. Naturally, I was very excited. A show in London!

Then, I enquired back to the gallery to find out that they’re inviting me to pay to showcase my work at the cost of £250 a week for 3 meters of space. AND, “ALL I WOULD HAVE TO DO IS ORGANIZE THE DELIVERY AND PICK UP OF ARTWORKS.”

So, as the English pound is just about double our dollar, I would be paying $494.07 per week, $1,976.28 total, to show 5 pieces of artwork, plus shipping, plus insurance in an unknown gallery in London.

Now, from my experience, and what I was told in school, a gallery not only arranges for the pick-up and delivery of your pieces, but takes on all other costs of Marketing and PR and Sales as a matter of basic contract. And, you NEVER pay to show your work.

Does anyone have different information? Am I right to be as angry as I am?
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